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A UK based healthy dog food brand, conscious about nutritional foods for dogs.
We care about where food comes from, how it is made, and who it goes to.


A New Kind of Dog Business

We have spent years refining our healthy dog treat brand, resulting in a business that has redefined the dog market.
We are proud to lead the way in redefining dog treats; creating products that are nutritionally positive.  Treats don't have to be junk!
By using honest healthy ingredients and combining both design and nutrition, YOKO is a brand for the modern dog owner.

A modern dog brand for the health conscious dog owner


Where food comes from, how it is made, and who it goes to

Revolutionising the Dog Market

At YOKO we believe in ‘local’ and have a sustainable approach engrained in all that we do.  We are intent on making a positive difference in this world.
We think it is only right to source locally, where possible, in order to find superb organic ingredients grown in the UK, to design and source packaging from the UK, packaging that is reduced to its most essential elements while also being recyclable or biodegradable, and to encourage local economies where we manufacturer in small batches in London and finally distribute locally across the UK.  It is the right thing to do.
We do want every dog to have the ability to eat well and enjoy YOKO products, but the fine balance of the environment is something we have in our power; it is a choice.
This business model is not one of luxury, but one of caring for our dogs and the planet in a sensible manner.   We do intend on rolling this model out in new continents that will also be local to that region - including new suppliers, new farmers. But good things take time.
Join us in our healthy dog food revolution.


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About Us


How It Started

We adopted Yoko from the Humane Society NYC in 2015 after she was severely malnourished leading to her breaking two legs.  After a long recovery process and a move back to London we became increasingly conscious about how a healthy nutritious diet and lifestyle could aid the recovery process, not only for humans but for dogs too.  So out of this honest investigating into dog nutrition we founded YOKO.


Initially we found it hard to relate to most dog brands as they didn't represented us as owners.  We believe the dog market radically needs to be re-branded, looking for an alternative to the glittery illustrated dog products; that is not how we see ourselves as dog owners.


Our alternative is to provide a timeless, well-designed and considered brand that is something to be proud of.


The combination of design and nutrition offers something extraordinary that we are very proud of.

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We are YOKO a healthy dog lifestyle brand based in London.


Ashley is from the UK.  He is an architectural designer, craftsman and maker.  He runs a small design studio based in London working across disciplines such as art, architecture, design and film.


Luis is originally from Portugal and has lived in Lisbon, Milan, and New York.  His background in research and healthcare management have helped to shape the direction of YOKO.


Being committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for both dogs and humans is the current focus the YOKO team.

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