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  • Are YOKO treats tasty for my dog?
    Absolutely. Dogs need variety in terms of nutrition and taste. They need to be stimulated with new flavours and textures. For some dogs, they might initially be a little fussy, but we recommend to break up the treat biscuits and mix with food to help introduce healthier additions to your dogs diet.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    No. We decided a while back that we wanted to encourage local economies and reduce our overall global footprint. We are proud to be a UK brand that sources locally and ships locally. In time we will be looking to replicate this 'local' model into different parts of the world where each location will vary depending on the seasonality of ingredients and the access to materials.
  • Why are your prices on the higher end?
    It is our mission to bring you the best nutrition, combined with timeless design, for all dogs. We strive for our customers to see the benefits rather than us just making money, so when possible, we always try to reduce our prices so that it is fair from farmer to consumer. We are unashamed of being on the higher end of the price point - if we could offer organic locally sourced ingredients for the cheapest rate possible then we would! But until there are significant changes across the whole dog market, our prices have to reflect the pure quality of ingredients and knowledge that make our treats. We are not a big corporation that makes endless products with low grade ingredients or additives - we are small honest UK brand that is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all dogs. Join our health food revolution!
  • How do I become a stockist?
    Email us at to express your interest and a member of team will be in touch with our wholesale list.
  • Are you a luxury treat brand?
    Absolutely not. Although we do fit into the luxury market, we see ourselves as a timeless household brand for all dog owners regardless of income. We have a wide range of products with a variety of price points so that they become accessible to all. Health should not be seen as a luxury, but more of a fundamental right. It is our mission to get all dog owners talking about healthy foods for dogs.
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