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Essential Treat Tin



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YOKO healthy dog treats are the kind of treats to be proud of.  Our second bespoke tin in the collection is screen printed onto and expresses that timeless look; an item to pass down from generation to generation.  It is a beautiful small brass tin with removable lid.


Featured in British Vogue as a must have item, this treat tin is a perfect pocket sized collectable to show you are a serious dog owner.


1 x 100ml brass treat tin with lid


Good for recall when shaking the tin with treats inside

Key Features



Removable lid


Pocket Sized


Hard wearing


Good for recall in the park if you shake the treats inside!

Maintenance Guidelines

This product comes ready for you to fill up with treats.  It is a good idea to wash the tin or wipe with a damp cloth before refilling with new treats.  For best results for keeping your treats fresh, it is wise to store in a cool dark place when not using the tin.

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What is timeless?


We like to term our collectable objects as timeless pieces - objects that can be passed down from generation to generation unashamed of the marks and scratches built up over time.  They surpass time period or fashion to be relevant for any generation.




Carefully sourced products built to last help to reject a wasteful culture of a throwaway society.  We encourage the principle of buying less, but buying quality.

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