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Plant Based Oil

To Calm


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YOKO Plant Based Oil To Calm is an important supplement as part of your dog’s food routine; providing a high source of omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. Our British grown hemp is the perfect ratio for maintaining brain function, hormonal balance and overall health. And for the eco conscious, the hemp grown in this product has helped to remove high levels of carbon from our atmosphere.


British Hemp Seed Oil


Can help to calm anxiety and is a highly nutritious supplement for brain and digestive function.

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Feeding Guidelines

Add a few drops to food as a supplement.


Disclaimer: This product does not contain CBD as it is currently illegal to sell this for pet consumption without vetinarian approval


Each bottle is 100ml and comes with a pipette.


This bottle can be recycled. The label is fully biodegradable and can be placed on a compost heap or in the bin happily knowing it will vanish back into the cycle of life!

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What use supplements?


Supplements are a superb way to add valued nutrition into your dog's diet.  Perhaps your dog needs extra support with their joints or the digestive system.  Sometime food simply isn't enough so adding specific supplements can help to boost repair, immunity and support.




Supplements can be used like medication or even better, simply mixed into food.

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