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YOKO fragrance products supplement the home to benefit both dog and owner.


Sage incense helps to tackle negative smells around the home while helping to cleanse the air.


This product comes with 1 x sage stick


Can help to reduce stress and anxiety

Burning Time

Ready to burn, easy to hold whilst smudging, no waste


Each sage stick comes individually wrapped and ready to burn.  Never leave unattended and make sure there is appropriate ventilation.


The sage incense will naturally burn out, meaning that you can reuse on multiple occasions by relighting again for use.  Do not eat.


Each sage incense is approximately 19ge


This comes without any external product packaging apart from shipping protection.  All components are recyclable.

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What is smudging?


White sage is probably the most common and popular herb for smudging. It is associated with purity and has a strong and heavy presence. It's definitely useful for when you need a major space cleansing.  The process is often used in spiritual practice.



Simply light with a single match or lighter to the top of the incense.  The flame should naturally burn out allowing the sage stick to burn and fragrance the air.  Sage sticks need to be placed in an incense holder.

Accompany with:

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Oil Infusion


Tote Bag

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