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Scoby Packaging

Written by YOKO

Released January 2021

Over the past year we have been developing a selection of new packaging that will revolutionise the dog market.


Scoby is a grown packaging solution which is high performing, durable, home compostable and absolutely 100% free from plastic.  It is 40 times stronger than paper.  Bio-waste is turned, through a biological process, into this new bio-material. It serves as an oxygen and a microbial barrier, also being approved for use in food contact. One of the biggest features of this form of pure cellulose is that it is insoluble in water and impermeable to water which makes it a fitting alternative to plastic-coated paper and plastic foils which are toxic and harmful to the environment.


We are currently developing prototypes of this packaging for many different solutions, from supplement sachets to developing a suitable long term solution for wet dog food.  It is the most fascinating idea that packaging could be grown and cropped, much like organic food is, essentially meaning that we would be growing packaging for our consumer needs.


It is no secret that there have been countless articles published on the negative carbon impact that dogs have on the planet.  This is primarily brought about through dog food production and the kind of packaging that dog brands choose.  Essentially this filters down into creating unnecessary waste in the everyday home as consumers are often left with little environmentally friendly choices on the shelves.  For us, scoby packaging is part of a long term environmental solution to the dog market.  Dog food packaged in compostable packaging, dog treats packaged in compostable packaging, accessories package in compostable packaging, etc.  You get the idea!  It is time to diversify packaging materials.  Yes, a complete elimination in plastic and non-recyclables is paramount, but unfortunately a sudden huge market shift into cardboard or paper is not solely the solution and brings about many other downfalls if this is not done using sustainable forestry techniques.  At YOKO, we believe the secret to long term sustainable packaging production is a whole selection of different solutions, which work together in a large network that helps to transform consumer and brand behaviour into one that supports an ecological consciousness.


Let us imagine for a second what this production facility could look like; a transformation from traditional packaging production lines into a fascinating farm and cropping operation; something that positively adds to the world whilst helping to educate and alter our behaviours.


As we continue working on our prototypes we are interested to hear your thoughts on this packaging or any advice that you might have in creating the best possible dog brand in the UK.


The fine balance of the environment is something we have in our power, it is a choice.  Join us in our healthy dog food revolution.

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