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YOKO Studio Build

Written by YOKO

Released February 2019

Based in the old disused Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, South London, YOKO has recently commissioned design studio Store & Archive to design and build a bespoke studio space.


The studio was conceived as a self contained making space unit that sits within the overall factory unit.


It was important for YOKO to have a custom built space that reflects the essential values of the company - a design led business, based on quality craftsmanship, and a timeless design.


This studio has been hand carved and built using strong influences of Japanese joinery techniques.


The timber unit makers space resembles a Japanese tea house structure or small pavilion.  Towards the front, a horizontal slot window frames the main activity within the unit - making, rolling, cutting treat mixtures - resisting the need to show faces it makes the viewing simply that of the making process.


The unit comprises of a storage space for equipment and raw ingredients, a space to make the treats, and a place to industrially dehydrate products.


The timber unit acts as a odour buffer to prevent food smells escaping beyond the unit into neighbouring studios.
Timber panels slot between the timber posts and are wrapped in untreated linen.  The sensitivity towards a material touch and the way light and shadow touch the surfaces represent the studios fascination with Japanese makers spaces.
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